For all these years, Shree Khodiyar Engineering has been dedicated to providing customers with one-stop service. For customers who intend to cooperate with us, we are pleased to help them analyze the raw materials need for their project and work out a suitable process design solution. According to customer's local conditions for material and labor availability, we will make a Project Proposal for you. We are also pleased to take you to other customers' sites so that you can watch our production line operating.

After your project is finished, we will provide follow-up services in order to understand how well your production line operates, solve your problems related to process technique, product quality, and product cost control, and deliver spare parts as well as equipment repair services.

Our fully-featured turnkey service covers factory layout design, process flow arrangement, production technique transfer, raw material procurement, main and ancillary equipment customization, and operators training.

Factory Layout Plan : Based on your local conditions for raw material availability as well as local geological features, we are able to work out a complete solution for your project covering factory layout plan, production line design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, and operators training.

Fast Delivery : Quick project delivery is possible with high efficient technical research and development team, well-coordinated production system, exceptional manufacturing capability, and complete supply chain system.

Value-Added Service : This part involves adding monitoring system to the production line to enable a controllable production process, digitalized management, improved production efficiency, and maximized customer profits.

Follow-Up Service : Following up with customers ensure machine breakdown problems can be solved in time. Customers can rely on us for service.
One-stop service helps customers succeed in the long run.